Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Special Teamz - Stereotypez

Edo mafuckin G. Nuff said right? Add to the mix Slaine and Jaysaun and DJ JayCeeOh with production by Pete Rock, Premier and Marco Polo etc. Sprinkle in some Duckdown i.e. Buckshot and Sean P and you got a banging debut by Beantown's Special Teamz. How can you go wrong? Edo G leads the charge with Jaysaun and Slaine right behind. Beats are on point, rhymes on point, Boston is back! tracks to look for ... Stereotypez - nicest record to hit on the racist tip in a while, maybe since Louis Logic's "The Ugly Truth"; Boston to Beantown feat Buckshot and Sean P; and Race Riot- which hits on the fact that race is a made up idea and has some ill MLK samples. word. Shout to Bnut for putting me onto this LP. Enjoy, Kids

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