Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Old Black Milk Vinyl Ep - "Broken Wax" 2006

A very solid ep from Detroit's Black Milk. Six tracks plus an intro and an outro which could actually be mini tracks. Black Milk besides being one of the best named MCs/Producers in a hot minute, is set to be the Heir to the throne of the late great Dilla. Solid drums and hats, more alarms then anyone ep needs, but it works. Not to mention the sweet sweet soul samples. Plus Milk does a great job with the stutter beat aka the Dilla Pause. While his lyrics leave more to be desired, he is still getting into his element. Overall a Quality EP. Guests include Mr. Porter, Phat Kat, Nametag, T3, Fat Ray & Elhzi. No Guilty Simpson though. too bad, Look out for the Black Milk / Guilty Simpson / Sean Price LP coming Soon....pure fiyah!

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