Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Grouch - Show you the World (2008)

New ish from the coolest whiteboy you dont know. LRG model, Part of the Living Legends crew and one half of GnE aka Grouch n Eligh. This is a great LP. Conscious, smart, mature and introspective. Ive never been the biggest grouch fan, except for the Clean Nikes song; but he came a long way with this one. Something about having his babygirl maybe put him on the perfect mix of intelligent hyphy, laidback, socialist rap. A great album to rock drinking a Tecate taking a long drag on a cool sunny day on a rooftop in the Mission. Im thinking it doesnt get any better than that. Definitely go and buy this one.
Tracks to peep.
Yardwork Mom and Pop Killer Bay to L.A. Breath



Listen to this on a rooftop and marinate.

also peep the video

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