Friday, March 14, 2008

Holly Golighty - God dont like it (2000)

I dont know why but ive been on a retro 60s funk and blues kick. Maybe cause the Black Lips are playing tomorrow at the Black Cat. Local heads should come see a great band! MR. Chance, this one for some reason I think will right up your alley. Rock this in the Rockies, dunny. For the rest of you, if you dig The Greehornes, The Black Lips, Dengue Fever, Nico, etc then this is your cup of effing tea. Holly Golighty is a mix of blues, 60s surf pop, rockabilly and pure goodness. They have a great retro beach party/ beatnik coffee shop/speakeasy feel. I can dig it. The question remains, can you knuckleheads? word

cop it and rock it in the Rockies

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