Saturday, February 23, 2008

Re-Up Gang - We got it for cheap 3

I am a huge Clipse fan. Their early stuff was pretty weak, but their series of mixtapes and Hell Hath No Fury, the most recent LP, were so on point. This one is another installment of The Re-Up gang's (Ab Liva[who is like 8 feet tall] Sandman, Pusha T and Malice.) We got it 4 cheap mixtapes. The first two featured Clinton Sparks on the boards, but on Vol 3, they brought in Mr Gangsta Grills himself, DJ Drama. This is their best one yet. If you like tight beats with much better lyrics and flow than the originals, peep this. Or if you just enjoy listening to coke metaphors til your gums bleed, peep this. Two Up Two Down!

Tracks to peep first: 2. Re-Up Intro
6. 20k
7. Dey know Yayo

get at it!

1 comment:

Tadeo said...

whatever your situation, that there's your master fix, re-up won't go for it, guns ring sing like vocalists, emotionless - yeah..