Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Moldy Peaches -Self Titled

Gonna switch it up today. Its the Moldy Peaches fo dat ass. Kimya Dawson and friends bring a great LP with a acoustic/keyboard/electric guitar solo shmorgabourg. Not to mention lyrics that would make a syphillis ridden sailor cringe. With lyrics like "I used to be dead but now Im gay" how can you go wrong? How? Well you cant. Great sense of humor on this album from some Bluesy Williamsburg hipsters. For those of you who saw Juno, you'll recognize the song Anyone Else but You from the movie. Great movie, greater album. Enjoy

Tracks to look for-
5. Downloading porn with Davo ( "My girls got a dick hanging out the bottom of her shorts " )
4. Nothing came out ( "I'm just your average ThunderCats Ho" )
13. Whos got the crack? ( " i like it when my hair is puffy, I like it when you slip me a roofie)

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