Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Black Moon - Alter the Chemistry

Today its the Evil Dee remix of Buckshot - Chemistry. Now i been a fan of 9th wonder since i saw him at Macrock in 2002. He killed on so many albums, but Evil Dee resurrected his buckshot album and breathed new life into it. Dee uses alot of the original sample songs but puts his own twist on them. can you say Banger? can you say Black Moon? there you go son son. While this is not a start to end LP, it has quite a few hot tracks that pose the question, what if this had been the original? Plausible, yes, but ill take the both of them thank u vurry much. Duckdown keeps on keeping on with this one. B...C...C.
Tracks to look for:
- Make the Comparison
-Back in Town
-The Ghetto (Evil Dee Extended Remix)

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